Call for Applications

Creative Music Production Residencies

Deadline : January 13th 2020

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The Centre d’Expérimentation Musicale invites creators to apply for a creative music production residency. Along with musicians which are CEM members, the guest artists will be asked to perform one or many works in front of an audience. Those works will be shot with multiple cameras and multitrack recorded. This broadcast-quality recording will be available on the Web.

In 2020, three residencies of three weeks will be granted. One of those residencies is intended for cultural diversity (immigrants or persons of immigrant background who were born in Canada, of Latin American, African, Asian or Middle Eastern descent.).

Offered Conditions

  • $2000 for artist fee and copyrights;
  • Accommodation for the whole residency period;
  • A daily allowance of $30/day (residents have access to a kitchen);
  • Travel expenses (by plane if more than 1000 km from the CEM);
  • A complete access to the Centre's facilities and equipment.

The CEM also has a considerable budget for hiring musicians. This way, residents will be able to rehearse with them on a daily basis. During the residencies, creators will be supported by a producer with whom they will be able to discuss about their work. The producer will be in charge of the music production while acting as a bridge between the residents and the musicians.

The Production Project

Along with musicians which are CEM members, the guest creators will be asked to present one or many works in front of an audience. Those works will be shot with multiple cameras and multitrack recorded. The goal is to present, at the end of the residency, a completed musical performance ready to be captured. It is not required for composers to play during the performance, but they are welcome to do so or to conduct the performance.

As for the musical style of the project, the Centre is very open: contemporary, musique actuelle, electronic, modern jazz, contemporary song or other unusual and unclassifiable music. The musical style doesn’t matter as much as the hybridity and the renewal of the practice, the research and the challenge. Thus, the residencies are open to creators of all backgrounds, as long as the proposal is innovative and forward-looking. As a matter of fact, the musician members of the CEM have different backgrounds and have played almost every style. Improvised music is welcome, as long as the creators offer innovative proposals regarding the approach and the themes.

These residencies are aimed to continually go back and forth between experimentation, composition, rehearsal, recording and discussions so that the creation grows through the exchanges. Since the residencies are production periods, the research-creation part and/or the music composition will have to start before arriving in residency. Most of the works produced as part of the residency must be unprecedented (i.e. never played in front of an audience), and none of them should have been recorded or captured on a video that has been or will be broadcast.

As for the duration or the form of the performance, there are very few limitations: the Centre’s facilities and high-quality equipment, as well as the budget for hiring the best local musicians will provide an opportunity to create and experiment freely, under stimulating and professional conditions. Acting as a first step or as a stage for larger projects, those proposals aim at becoming productions which are actively supported and promoted by the Centre d’Expérimentation Musicale.

Résidents 2019

Éric Normand

Frédéric Alarie

Résidents 2018

Rafael Zaldivar

Lori Freedman

Raphaël Arsenault

Olivier Roberge

The Centre d’Expérimentation Musicale

Founded in 1980, the Centre d’Expérimentation Musicale aims at fostering the growth of emerging and new music’s scene in Saguenay (Québec, Canada). With its creation, production, dissemination and training activities, the CEM offers professional support for creators in an environment fostering research and musical exploration. True laboratory in which the style’s hybridization is put forward, the CEM’s artistic work breaks down barriers between avant-garde rock, electronic music, jazz, contemporary music, songwriting, noise music, world music and electroacoustic. Concert music and digital audio production are CEM’s main fields of work.

The CEM is also a production centre specializing in new music, with two large studios located in Chicoutimi’s downtown, in the premises of Touttout, a contemporary art production centre. A recording studio of 650 square feet equipped with the latest technology includes a control room which is conducive to composition and mixing, a large acoustic live room, and a booth. A large multipurpose room, Le Lab, which is also 650 square feet, is equipped with all kinds of musical instruments. Used as a place for recording, rehearsal and shooting, it also allows to present concerts for a lucky audience of about 40 people. The two rooms are linked together by a digital audio network.

This residency program is made possible through the support of the Conseil des arts de Saguenay, the Canada Council for the arts, and the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec.

Selection Process

The deadline for submitting an application is January 13th 2020, at 11:59 p.m. (Québec time). The answers will be sent in the following weeks. A first residency could take place as soon as March 2020, depending on the artist’s availability.

A sum of $40 is required for submitting an application. This amount is for paying the panel which will evaluate the submissions and aims at reducing the number of incomplete or irrelevant submissions.

The creators will be chosen by a peer-review panel, according to the following criteria:

  • Originality and relevance of the project;
  • Quality of the applicant’s artistic background and of the support material;
  • Relevance of the residency for the artist’s artistic path;
  • Multiple skills and versatility (composer, instrumentalist, improviser);
  • Focus on team work with the musicians;
  • Men/women representativity.

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