in new music production

Each season, the Centre d'Expérimentation Musicale (CEM) welcomes five artists in creative music production residencies.

This is an opportunity for them to work for two to three weeks with CEM member musicians and present a concert of one or many works. Those works will be shot with multiple cameras and multitrack recorded. It is a time of sharing, research, experimentation and production that prompts artists to create new works.

For more information about our residencies program please visit this page:

Residents 2018

Lori Freedman
octobre 2018

Being accustomed to play the clarinet parts in her scores, blending the roles of performer and composer within a total engagement in the service of the musical work, Freedman expressed a desire to take a step back from this approach and created for the CEM a project where she mostly focussed on directing our musicians.

Tim Brady
août 2018

Though a great deal of his repertoire is characterized by fast-paced, rhythmically challenging instrumental music, Brady admits that he also has great sympathy for a slower, softer, more transparent music based on simple, refined material, as conveyed by his new work «Méditation mobile/Calder Variations», written for 12 musicians and a vocalist.

Olivier Roberge
juin 2018

La complexité rythmique, l’alternance contrastée entre sections improvisées et passages rigoureusement écrits, un mètre changeant et irrégulier, sont autant d’aspects qui se croisent et s’enchevêtrent au sein des pièces composées par le jeune finissant du Collège d'Alma.

Rafael Zaldivar
mai 2018

« Zaldivar and CEM’s » takes a fresh look on afro-cuban rhythms, broadening the frontiers of contemporary jazz. A hybrid ensemble with unique propositions of musical meshing, delivered with mastery and contrast, for a promising jazz future.

Raphaël Arsenault
novembre 2017

Le compositeur développe et éprouve un principe d'écriture graphique, basé sur une ligne du temps et l'utilisation d'un chronomètre. Une musique de contrastes expressifs, où sentiments d'urbanité tourmentée, perceptions de grands espaces extérieurs et intérieurs sont le véhicule d'un folklore imaginaire.