Lori Freedman

resident october 2018

Being accustomed to play the clarinet parts in her scores, blending the roles of performer and composer within a total engagement in the service of the musical work, Freedman expressed a desire to take a step back from this approach and created for the CEM a project where she mostly focussed on directing the musicians in the performance of several semi-written, semi-improvised pieces, prepared expressly for the ensemble. This series of ensemble pieces was heard in the first part of the concert, after which Freedman resumed her role as a performer and joined the band for the performance of a kind bass clarinet concerto followed by a substantial group improvisation. All of this within the context of a concert harmonizing aspects of direction, composition, improvisation, enriching the musical interactions and opening up our ears.

Lori Freedman - clarinettes etcomposition
Raphël Arsenault - violon
Pier-Yves Girard - trombone
Guillaume Tremblay - saxophones
Robert Pelletier - percussions
Charles Côté - batterie et percussions
Antoine Simard - contrebasse

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Lori Freedman - bio

Born and raised in Toronto, the virtuoso clarinettist and composer Lori Freedman has a long-standing international reputation closely linked to her profound artistic originality, her continuously renewed creativity and a professional commitment demonstrated by a brilliant career including concerts in 92 cities spread among 19 countries, tours, masterclasses, recordings as well as several commissions for original works by eclectic ensembles such as Ensemble SuperMusique, Grand groupe régional d’improvisation libérée (GGRIL) and Ensemble Paramirabo. Predominantly involved in the circles of improvisation and contemporary music, she distinguishes herself with her vibrant performances on four different types of clarinets (contrabass, bass, B flat and E flat), as these instruments correspondingly occupy a key place in her own compositions, a natural consequence of her expertise